About us

About us

We strive to build lasting relationships.

Coutts Crane has a long and distinguished history. The firm was founded in 1949, and we are still guided by the same principles established by our founder.

The firm’s founder, the late Elgin Coutts, Q.C., instilled the values of service, integrity and the highest professional and ethical standards, which remain an integral part of the firm’s culture. Over the course of our long history, our partners have included Ronald Crane, Donald Day Carrick, Q.C., A. Peter Nasmith, Tom O’Connor, Terry O’Connor, Dennis O’Connor and J. Douglas Crane. Coutts Crane has been associated with Arthur Maloney, B. Clive Bynoe and Robert Mark, among others. Elgin Coutts formally retired in June 2009 on the 60th anniversary of his call to the Bar.

The firm celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2024-2025.

Legal services

In providing professional legal services to you, our experienced lawyers will meet with you and listen to you, explain your options, negotiate for you with other parties, explain all documents to you in language you can understand, recommend appropriate legal action for your particular circumstance, and represent you in court.

How we do business

We are guided by the principles established by our founder, and that’s why we enjoy a relationship with all of our clients that is based on trust. This explains, in part, why our clients have such deep confidence in our judgement and counsel.

How we charge

Our fees vary based on the area of service. For real estate transactions, estates and corporate matters, fees may be provided on a fixed rate basis. For litigation, fees are typically provided on the basis of our lawyers’ hourly rates. As soon as we establish what will be involved in your matter, we provide an estimate of your costs and a detailed breakdown of how fees will be calculated.