Legal Services

Our primary goal is to identify all the legal issues relating to your circumstances, in order to provide professional advice to help you determine the best and most cost-effective course of action.

Our lawyers will meet with you, listen to your issue and explain your options.  Once retained we will negotiate on your behalf, explain all documents to you in language you can understand, recommend appropriate legal action to suit your particular circumstances, and represent you in court.  We will also help you to evaluate the costs along the way.

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  • Preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care. Assisting you with drafting your will. Listening to your personal and healthcare wishes. Explaining to you your legal options and rights. Preparing and presenting all legal documents to you.
  • Estate Administration: Helping you through the process of being the Estate Trustee (Executor) of an Estate and obtaining Probate for an Estate. Explaining the process to you in the event of a death of a loved one. Assisting with the distribution of assets. Dealing with family issues and delicate situations.
  • Handling of your separation and divorce, including custody disputes, spousal and child support payment issues and property issues
  • Providing independent legal advice in relation to all forms and agreements
  • Preparing, explaining, and negotiating of legal documents such as cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts, and separation agreements
  • Construction liens, contract negotiations with builders, contractors, homeowners and trades, debt collection, contract disputes and injunctions
  • Legal assistance for both landlords and tenants
  • Lease preparation and review for commercial and residential clients
  • Actions for non-payment of rent, rent disputes, eviction, landlord tenant court appearance, breaches by landlord or tenant for harassment, damage to property, lack of services, etc.
  • Services for commercial matters include: preparation, explanation, and negotiation of your commercial lease including those for office space, retail stores, shopping malls; assistance with terminations or relief from forfeiture
  • Services for residential matters include: preparation, explanation, and negotiation of residential leases (for landlords and tenants); assistance with evictions, claims for harassment or essential services
  • Start-up of a new business and maintenance of an existing company (incorporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship)
  • Contract documents, employee agreements, sales agreements, supplier/distributor agreements, shareholder agreements, and all other documents
  • Services include: strategic legal advice; preparing, explaining to you, and negotiating documents; assisting you with shareholder meetings; co-ordinating and communicating with your accountant and/or bank where required
  • Purchase or sale of your home, building, land, commercial property, and/or cottage
  • Mortgage financing for real estate and businesses (lines of credit for day-to-day operations and term loans for capital purchases)
  • Contract disputes, employment issues from both an employer and employee perspective, wrongful dismissal claims, shareholder remedies and disputes, foreclosure and power of sale, debt collections and personal injury. Proceedings at various levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior Court of Justice, Divisional Court and Small Claims Court as well as as mediation and arbitration.
  • Legal issues involving your day-to-day operation, the purchase and/or sale of your business, Agreements and Contracts, including Supplier Agreements, Joint Ventures, Employee Agreements, Customer Agreements, and Development Agreements.
  • Services include: explaining, negotiating, and preparing of agreements and contracts for you